Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Haervej

Saddled up and set to go and realised Christine's bike had a flat. That's 4 !
We are on the old ancient road from now on , or The Haervej as its called. The trail takes us immediately through a massive estate owned by the royal family

This is the seat of Harold Bluetooth, the first Viking King to embrace Christianity . This is part of the fortifications of his castle. All that's left of it !

Bit of cross country through the estate

It's beautiful rolling country through here . Picture postcard stuff, alternating between quiet roads and proper bike ways

It must be a good area for Rhodadendrums . Most houses have them. We're coming in to Viborg now. It's built around 2 lakes and is one of the oldest cities in Denmark

There's an art festival on and artists were in the process of painting murals and making sculptures.
It's still early and so I get a lady in the information centre to ring a BnB in Skelhoje for a bed for the night. It's only 10 kms south and on the trail.

What was an extra bonus was the route followed this old railway line. They must have used one hell of a lot of cobblestones paving this route. Our BnB was once a railway hotel right behind where the old station was.

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